Retail Services

Hiring the right people can reinforce brand loyalty

Your company's brand is the experiential concept that people associate with your company

Having the right "brand ambassadors" onboard is key to your company's long-term success.

However, the retail industry is vulnerable to many challenges, including high staff turnover, seasonal temporary workers, extensive customer and vendor interface, cash and merchandise handling, computer and technology access, and the list goes on. Having a background screening program in place with a trusted partner is critical. The benefits include:

  • Rapid placement of qualified talent suitable for the job
  • Minimizing exposure to negligent hiring lawsuits
  • Reducing absenteeism and disciplinary problems
  • Prevent substance abusers from harming your company
  • Keeping morale and productivity consistently high

EZactis' services can help you mitigate risk, reduce shrinkage and enhance customer safety in your stores. Our customized, web-based solutions deliver fast, efficient, cost-effective information to help you quickly identify potential hiring or employment risks across your enterprise.

Finally, we can offer exceptional service at affordable rates.

Wanting to maximize profits, few background screening companies use price as a value proposition, but price is always factored into a buying decision.

At EZactis, we have conducted extensive market research to learn about our competitors rates. We have obtained invoices from more than 200 competitors so we have first-hand knowledge about what our competitors offer and how much they charge for the exact same services that we offer.

Through this process, we have discovered that most of our competitors are charging rates anywhere from 10% to 30% higher than ours.

This gives us a unique competitive edge. Having a reputation for offering the highest quality products with exceptional service and rapid turnaround, we can also proudly claim to be our industry's leader on price.

With EZactis as your background screening partner, you can access the information you need, when you need it, to minimize risk while maximizing certainty in your hiring process.